Sunday, November 22, 2009


I don't know how many people have heard the story of Jamar Pinkney. If you haven't you can read it by clicking here. Basically Jamar Pinkney found out that his 15 year old son molested a 3 year old girl. He made his son strip naked and marched him to an empty lot where he ordered his son on his knees and executed him. He did this after hearing the pleas of his son and his wife. I believe the father could not live with having a child molester as a son.

As I've stated on my other blog I do not believe a human should decide the life and death of another human being, not matter how heinous the crime may be. Can I say I wouldn't do the same thing in this man's shoes? I don't know. He may have been in a temporary state of insanity. I could never imagine if my son was spineless enough to take advantage of a toddler. Who knows what type of monster this boy could have grown up to become (assuming he wouldn't have had some type of therapy or intervention).

The person I feel for the most in this situation is Lazette Cherry, the mother of the boy and wife of Jamar Pinkney. She has basically lost her son and husband in the blink of an eye. She has gone on record as saying:

"I called and told his father this isn't something you sweep under the rug,"

Even though she did the right thing by telling her husband, in retrospect I would imagine she probably wishes she told her husband at a later point or in a different manner. This is a sad situation because essentially two lives have been lost over two senseless acts.

Do you think Jamar Pinkney was wrong for taking the law into his own hands? Would you have done the same?


  1. yes, he was wrong. Especially without even talking to his son, finding the why and attempting to get his son some help. He has an obligation as a parent to protect his daughter yes but he has that same right to seek help for his son. It definitely was done rashly and I agree I'm sure the mom feels immense guilt.

  2. Wow! That's all I can really say. I am shocked by BOTH the son and the father's actions. The mother must definitely regret telling the father now; even though what she did was right. I'm sure she never thought that's what he would've done. WOW

  3. Whew! Damn! I'm blown.

    It seems like the father had an outter body experience and treated his son like he would any other man who molested his daughter, or female close to him- no mercy.

  4. The father is most definitely wrong. He should've marched that boy down to the police and make him take responsibility for his actions. He may have gotten the intervention/therapy he needed to help him.
    The son couldve been acting out something that had happened to him as well. Now we won't know because the boy isn't here to say anything.

  5. I would NEVER kill my child for him molesting someone. Yeah he was defitelty wrong to touch a little kid because 15 is old enough to know better. But he could've gotten his son therapy & tried to help him out. Whats the point of killing him? Omg that was disturbing to read. His poor wife, she married a monster...he killed their son...unforgivable.