Wednesday, September 2, 2009


When do YOU know? Is it the feeling you get when the clouds are dark and the wind is at a standstill waiting for something to happen? Is it the feeling you get when you have 5 of the lottery numbers and you don’t have to wait on the 6th because you…? Is it the same feeling people get when they have nailed an interview or when the pregnancy test comes back with a “+”? Yeah…you know, right?

Or is the glass half full and you hold out because you know there’s a chance…slim…but you play against the odds…that something can change that euphoric feeling you have. You know.

Some say women know when they first meet a guy. Maybe, it’s that moment when he holds his own at the table full of friends. I know. I know when I get in front of the mirror and “line” my hair and make it extra fresh for the first date…I know. I know when she laughs at my jokes and vibes with me to the point where I forget I just met her.

But when do you know? Is there a template for knowing? Is there a time limit for knowing? When does the knowing become knew and you start anew? You start a new relationship where your thoughts and energy are in line like ducks crossing the street. We know. But, sometimes we are fooled into knowing the wrong thing. She’s too tall. He’s not fit. She’s too thick or he’s not an athlete. She said, he said. We “know” people like that. We are those people.

Let’s not confuse knowing with “No–ing”. Let’s not trick our minds into thinking there’s more time or more to be desired. When there’s a possibility of something great being in front of you…embrace it. True, it may not be what you’re used to…but it may offer you something USE-ful. It may offer love. It may offer an experience you need to encounter to prepare you for what’s ahead. I don’t think everyone meets for a reason. People come and go like days of the week. But when you meet someone and for whatever reason you set a time and a place…you meet…have fun…chemistry is present…that’s when you know.

You know that you want to see them again. Nothing more nothing less. The feeling must be mutual. You know. When you question yourself or the friendship, that doesn’t mean it’s a “no”. That just means there is more to get to know. Give Love a chance. Give yourself a chance to love. I will. I know it.

Part III coming soon….........


  1. I like this one! When do you know???? Like you said there is no set time and date for knowing this is the one. I can only speak for myself when I say that love is blind because of preference. We try and wait for the "ideal" guy or what we call the "perfect" man but he doesn't exist. Oh, but in our minds he does. 9 time out of 10 we end up with the guy that learns just enough about us just to use it to his advantage. Oh but when the man comes along who might be the one we fan him away like a irriating fly. Eventually when you mature and have been hurt enough you go looking for the "One". Despite what he looks like or how he is built its about who makes you happy. I think there is a moment that occurs when you know they are the one. Like you said its a vibe that you get that says I am feeling you and I know you feeling me. It's the smile he puts on your face for no reason. Its that song thats comes on and he's the only thing you think about. Only you know (When Do You Know)....

  2. I really don't think you KNOW emphatically. I definitely agree that there are certain things you know, i.e. attraction, chemistry, enjoying one's company. But I'm not sure I believing in the thought that you just KNOW. I don't necessarily believe in souls mates and all that hoopla. People choose and they live or die with their choices, period. You can choose to pursue someone or not. You can choose to call or not. You can choose to go to dinner or not. And if your choices allow for conversation and time to get to KNOW someone then you choose from what it is you KNOW whether you want more or not. It's actually pretty simple. I just think people or to afraid to TRY and get to KNOW someone.