Thursday, July 23, 2009


1.) If a woman doesn't respond to your call or text, you should call or text her a maximum of two times. The first text/call is the normal call/text and the other one is the benefit of the doubt. After that, there is no calling/texting back. If you call a woman for the first time and she says she will call you back instantly, don’t call back and delete her number. If she calls you back, she is interested.

2.) If you ask a direct question and a woman gives you an indirect answer...and y'all aren't close... stop asking and move on.

3.) If you ask a woman to see you on a personal/intimate level and she doesn't show the same interest or wants to meet you in the club...stop asking and MOVE ON!!!!!!

4.) If you are messing with a woman and you are doing all the calling, you should stop calling her to see if she calls you. If she does not call you, move on. If she does, go with it but always let her do the most calling or MOVE ON!!!!

5.) Don't confuse chasing with interest. Implement your game. There is a fine line between showing interest and chasing. When you have crossed that line from interest to chasing, MOVE ON!!!

6.) Beware of chicks with boyfriends and chicks with a lot of dude friends. They usually have the upper hand. If you are a second fiddle, MOVE ON!!!!

7.) When you feel yourself in a situation where your gut is about to make you make an irrational decision which is simply just being ANXIOUS, MOVE ON!!!!

8.) Never second guess yourself...that's the quickest way to chasing.

9.) Don't set any goals with yourself or the woman in the first day. This eliminates ambiguity and analyzing if things don't go the way you want. Analyzing and ambiguity leads to chasing.

10.) If a girl talks about her guy friends or tries to hook you up with her girl...move on...if you think she wants anything other than're chasing.

11.) Don't be afraid to cut it off first even if you did not accomplish anything. If she gives you bad signs, cut her off or make her chase you to get you back!
12.) Don't feel like you have to walk on eggshells with women who are more attractive. Stick to the Script!!! If you are in a space where you want to invite her to your house to watch rental movies, that should not be contingent on her looks. Be confident in yourself and make a decision and stand by it.

13.) All “attractive women” get two “out of house” dates at the most before you bring her to your crib. If she wants to go out again, she pays. Don't be afraid to cut it off.

14.) Don't feel compelled to show a “highly attractive” woman off to your friends or family in a week. Family is an important thing and it should be handled with care. Make sure the woman is treating you right and providing everything that you desire in a woman before you parade her around your family.

15.) Women with kids should be handled delicately. Most of the time their minds are working differently so you have to make sure your views are in line with hers. If they're not and she tries to force her agenda on you, think about what you want and if you are not ready for that, be nice but cut it off and in a hurry!!!!

16.) Recognize what you are bringing to the table. Matter of fact, you have your own table and she has to bring something to the table. If she is not providing anything, you should MOVE ON!!!!

17.) Never lose your composure in person, on the phone, or via text.
This leads to them having the upper hand and you chasing. If you do, MOVE ON!!!!!!

18.) At the end of each conversation, ask yourself, "Am I chasing?"
If you and your boys can't answer that question with an emphatic NO, then you're chasing. Please review steps 1-17.

19.) Never over extend yourself to a woman just because she is extremely attractive...that leads to chasing. Always be YOURSELF!!!!!

20.) Take "no" for an answer in any case. This is not the end of the world. She may have a lot of qualities that you like but there are other fish in the sea. Trust me!!!!!!

Co-Authored by Dario K. Mobley

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  1. 1,4,10,12, are the ones I like the most. I wonder would the same thing apply if the role was flipped. This was really interesting reading a man point of view when it comes to dating women.