Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dario K. Mobley's Profile

My Brother- Deron (left), My Sister- Jasey and Dario (Right)

Anytime I look to start a blog, I always like to give a short biography of myself just to let people know who I am. My name is Dario K. Mobley and I live in a suburb outside of Orlando, Florida called Altamonte Springs. I was born in New Orleans "The Big Easy". I lived there for 24 years until I graduated from the University of New Orleans in 2002 in Electrical Engineering. In May 2003, I moved to Missoula, Montana. No, I did not ride a horse to work and yes, I was one of maybe 100 or so black people in the town. It is a long story about how I got there so I won't get into that. Anyhow, I lived there for about two years and then I moved to the Midwest State of Michigan in July 2005 and worked for Novak Engineering who were later bought out by TRC Inc. I lived in Lansing and Jackson for about 1.5 years. Then I got transferred with my job to Augusta, Maine for 6 months. I must love the states that start with the letter "M". I moved back to New Orleans in May 2007 where I took a job with Ampirical Solutions as a Lead Design Engineer. I lived in New Orleans for a year and moved to the Orlando area in July 2008 which brings me to where I am now. I am currently working in Altamonte Springs as an Electrical Engineer. I am 30 years old, not married but I am dating someone right now and it is going well. I really believe in God, family, friends and surrounding myself with positive people. I am also an avid sports fan and my zest for politics and more important issues seem to really have accelerated since the new President. I am passionate and energetic and love to engage in meaningful debates. I have a huge group of really close friends who I have known for a long time. We are very close and converse very regularly. I have always been a well-liked guy and had the ability to connect with many different people which leads me to believe that I have a bigger purpose in life than what I am doing. Everything will come to pass soon enough.

God Bless & Nice To Meet You,

Dario K. Mobley

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