Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Amazing To Me

It is very amazing to me how judgemental people are about Barack Obama. He is being judged before he is done serving as the President. To my knowledge, people did not criticize Bush unmerciful until after he made many mistakes. It is tough because this brings up many feelings of separation and a sense that people will never want to accept change no matter how it comes. He has only been in office since January 20, 2009 and certain people seem to want his head already.

For a man like me, It makes me think about what America is because I try my best to get along with everyone I come into contact with. If I spend enough time around someone, I will eventually become friends with them. Anyhow, that's just a random thought I wanted to share. It will take a total understanding and total participation on the part of a lot of people to rid America of these old traditions of hate. Here is something that you will never think is still going on in America. Please read this. You won't believe it:

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